The name of the project happens to be descriptive. The intention of this project is to create a small set of c++ classes that would allow to use c++ as "scripting" language. Goal is to find good balance with small code size and number of features. Currently code is small enough to be included directly into main script/code but powerful enough to make the main code fairly small. Please see the samples to get the idea. The resulting code still needs to be compiled but since the compilation is fast and the "script" is run more often than compiled then the end result is very much worth it.

CPP4Scripts is useful when multi-platform compatibility is desired but installing large interpreted language packages is not feasible or possible. In addition:

Library concentrates on path/file management and process control. Those are the most important features used in scripts. Version 0.9 added set of build classes to assist creating cross platform build scripts. If you need more features we recommend Boost.

The use of CPP4Scripts expects that you have STL (C++ Standard Template Library) installed as well. You can compile CPP4Scripts either with your compiler provided STL or STLPort implementation of the STL.

License: GNU Lesser Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)
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27th Jul 2012
CPP4Scripts 0.9 released with web site improvements.

2nd Jun 2011
Project web site update. Web site moved to Menacon Ltd. hosting.

28th May 2011
CPP4Scripts version 0.8 released - Beta level maturity. Several API changes. Please see download page for release notes.

19th Dec 2010
CPP4Scripts version 0.7 - Beta level maturity. Added user-class to Linux port. A lot of bug fixes. See release notes at the beginning of cpp4scripts.cpp file.

25th Jun 2010
CPP4Scripts version 0.6 - Beta level maturity. Much work done with process control and pipe handling. Process control now works well both in Linux and Windows(r).

5th Nov 2009
Publishing of the project and creation of the project web page